Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Ride a Bike to Work. Top Ten Reasons.

Why Ride a Bicycle
Why do I ride a bike to work? My reasons may be different from yours but maybe my reasons will give you something to think about.

Of course, I like to save money. Gas cost too much. My opinion is that gas cost what it cost because we are willing to pay it. I am not.

Of course, I am in better shape. I can wear the same jeans my teen age son does

Bicycling puts me in a better mood. I don't know why I have a more positive outlook after riding my bike.

Riding a bicycle is fun. Every ride is a new challenge. In my town are lots of rolling hills and they need to be conquered afresh every day.

Riding a bicycle gives me satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment.

I do not know if there is science behind this but I believe I will liver longer, (assuming I do not get run over by a semi).

I do not know if there is science in this either but I believe if I ride a bicycle not only will I live longer but I will have a more active old age.

By bicycling to work I am using less of our planet's precious resources, so in a little way, I am doing my part to save the planet.

When I ride home I experience a tranquility an unwinding.(The idiots at work are insignificant when  you are trying to climb a 15% grade on a busy expressway).

I work at a cash register where I stand in one place all day. Bicycling makes my legs feel better and the standing more tolerable.

Like many old men I get awful leg cramps at night but bicycling seems to lessen them in frequency and intensity to where they are very rare.

It makes me look better when I stand in the mirror.

Annoying coworkers do not ask if I can give them a ride home.

It gives my wife something to talk to her friends about.

Why I ride a bicycle to work every day.